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Interior Decorating usually takes a back seat around the wedding date and so it should. However the hard work needs to be done both long before and after the big day. Marriage requires the merging of two separate individuals in more ways than one and the home where the bride and groom are to live is going to be an important aspect of their first few months as man and wife.

A loving and committed relationship doesn’t necessarily mean the two partners share the same tastes in Interior Decor. There are going to be differences whether these are based on favorite colors or the types of electronic gadgets enjoyed on a daily basis. With this in mind, I’ve collected together 5 living room solutions for newly married couples that will help prevent any tension and troubles resulting from differing design appreciations.

1) Plan Early – Collecting furniture, accessories, colors, wallpaper and units can take time and much deliberation. The sooner you as a couple come together in finding out what the other likes and dislikes in the home decor front, the better and smoother things will be once you’re married. This doesn’t mean going out and buying things immediately, merely that there is an understanding of the differences and commonalities.

collect-together-ideas2) Make a Scrapbook – Remember when you were at school and you were asked to brainstorm ideas for art or drama class? Take this concept and create an interior décor scrapbook together. Find magazines and newspapers from which you can tear out furniture and design images you like and stick them in the scrapbook. Do some sketches, doodles and stick some photocopied pictures in there as well. Make notes together and don’t worry about neatness.

After a while, you’ll both get a sense of what the other likes and dislikes. The resulting conversations will give you ideas for interior decoration concepts and themes for your living room. It’s also going to give you a chance to better know one another.

3) Build an Inventory – This will apply most to older couples who have collected together more belongings over the years than say, for example, a couple in their late teens or early twenties. Building an inventory of your individual furniture pieces, decorative items, electronic appliances and general accessories will help you both come to terms with what you really want to keep and what you might need to get rid of.

There’s going to be no room, in most cases, for two or three of everything, especially more bulky pieces of furniture like sofas, bookcases and coffee tables. By writing down a list together and figuring out what is surplas to requirements, you can collectively and carefully sort out what can be given to friends and family or alternatively, be thrown out.

As a hoarder myself, I know this can be difficult and will in fact be the hardest part of merging two sets of belongings together. Again, like in suggestion one, the earlier you start, the more relaxed you can be about all this.

4) Compromise – This is the golden rule I mentioned in an earlier post just last week which can be read here: His and Hers – 6 Ways of Avoiding the Battle of the Bedroom.

interior-decor-compromiseIt’s rare that a married couple of 40 years will share the exact same tastes in things, let alone a newly married pair. The depth of love and devotion really has little bearing on interior decoration styles and tastes. Therefore, it is vital that a modicum of compromise is taken from an early stage of the relationship.

There are numerous ways to combine different styles in the same room. These include mixing and matching fabric types, colors, furniture and belongings in a way that satisfies both parties but also brings vibrancy and interest to an interior space. For example, a much loved armchair that has been in the husband’s family for decades but which looks like it has been dragged through a hedge, can be neatly covered in a fabric design that the wife loves. This still leaves the chair available to sit on during a football game whilst also being an attractive visual treat that merges in with the surrounding decor.

I’ll be mentioning many ways to do this over the coming weeks and months. Remember to subscribe to this blog to keep up-to-date with these posts.

5) Start Afresh – If you’re a young couple, still in your twenties, this is a pretty easy thing to do. You will have relatively few belongings and sentimental baggage which means you can start afresh with few problems. By starting afresh, I mean completely getting rid of all pre-existing furniture you might have had in earlier lodgings and beginning from scratch, together.

This has the major benefit of allowing you both to choose what will suit your home without having to work around pre-existing items that probably get on your nerves. Interior design themes and styles can be worked on together over time which will be equally enjoyed and added to by both husband and wife. Your personality as a couple will thus shine through more strongly.

wedding-ringsThese are just a few living room decorating solutions for newly married couples. Hopefully what I have written here will give you some impetus to work through the potential friction that can and does often take place when two individuals start living together as husband and wife.