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It can be difficult to know exactly what to do with a bathroom wall. The safest answer to this stagnation is the paint the walls white and leave it at that. That’s not a bad thing and bathroom interiors can look pretty good in all-white tones. This is especially the case if merged with some nice wooden furnishings and a touch of color in the form of plants, towels and decorative accessories. However, what are the other ways to spruce up bathroom walls and give this room some va va voom!?!

1) Use Sponges

Depending on the theme of your bathroom, a sponged look on the walls can really uplift the space. If for example you have a seaside theme, the act of sponging the walls with various yellows, blues and possibly greens can enhance the style incredibly. The sponge effect will add a certain movement and vibrancy to the bathroom but will not burden the feel of the room with an obtuse heaviness.

2) Glaze

Glaze is perfect for more traditional interior design styles in relation to the bathroom. For a little extra color, texture and shine, glaze is a simple way to enhance the walls of this type of interior.

3) Dark Colors

If there is one room in the home that can get away with darker walls than normal, it’s the bathroom. Unlike most other interior spaces, the bathroom is a highly functional place rather than a social area where we spend most of our time, such as the living room or bedroom. A bathroom tends to be enjoyed alone and usually only during bath times. Therefore, one can afford to be brave when it comes to trying out more unusual color schemes.

black-bathroom-wallsWhy not try black? Or dark green or maroon? These dark colors can be offset with much lighter décor such as stencils, sculptures, pictures and of course, bathroom fixtures.

4) Stencils

Using stencils allows a great deal of creativity. This can be shown in the patterns used, the texture of the paint and also the arrangement of the stencil designs in the bathroom interior. Subjects that are found in stencil cuttings include flowers, animals, abstract patterns, comic heroes, nature scenes and also lettering. I’m rather fond of stencils and have used them a lot in my previous designs.

5) Art

Creating your own art work on your bathroom walls largely depends on how confident you are in your artistic ability. This is closely connected to stencilling but instead can be the act of drawing a design yourself directly onto the wall and then painting it in. If you have a reasonable ability, you can go on to create limitless styles of murals and wall art.

wall-drawing-methodOne way to do this if you are not completely confident is to draw a very faint grid, in pencil, on the wall. Then take the image you want to copy, from a magazine or photocopy and attach tracing paper over the top. Draw another small grid on the tracing paper but with corresponding measurements and scaling to the grid on the wall. One thus ends up being able to copy tiny elements from the original image to the wall until the complete picture gradually comes into being.

You can find more information about this method used by the greats such as Leonardo Da Vinci here: The Grid Method.

These are just a few bathroom wall painting ideas for you to try if you’re looking for a way to enliven or just change your existing bathroom decor.