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As my grandmother always used to say “it’s nice to be nice”. This expression came to mind when thinking about what would be nice for my own kitchen countertops. What I came up with was this elegant 4 piece copper metal canister set as pictured below. Each of the four canisters are made by the world renowned Old Dutch copperware design company and are perfect if you want to bring some style to your kitchen interior.

4-piece-copper-metal-cannister-setThe 4 pieces in the canister set come in a copper finish whilst the metal is of a highly durable construction. The sizes of each piece range from the largest coming in at 4 quarts to the smallest measuring 1 quart. The size variations allow for a multitude of different items to be placed inside the canisters. Thus one can use them as sugar storage, coffee holders, salt containers, tea boxes, cookie jars or for the various bits and pieces that are found in the kitchen.

Whatever use you prescribe to these elegant copper metal canisters, they will provide a highly decorative accent to your kitchen interior. They’ll look good in all types of kitchen décor themes from the traditional to the ultra-modern. In the long term they might even inspire a new style of decor for your kitchen interior.

You can buy these canisters from the following location: 4 Piece Copper Metal Canister Set.