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When I first set eyes on the distinctive Iki Floor Lamp by Arturo Alvarez I was immediately reminded of a dinosaur. It’s shape is reminiscent of extinct dinosaurs such as the Bagaceratops (see image further down the page) which roamed the wilds of Mongolia millions of years ago. The fact that the Iki Lamp has four legs is also a factor that leads to this almost uncanny resemblance.


bagaceratops-dinosaurHowever, I think the shape and style is what makes the Iki Floor Lamp special and one that will suit a wide variety of contemporary interiors. The four legged floor lamp is made from a stainless steel mesh sprayed with pigmented silicone. Each piece is made individually by craftsmen in Spain who are hand-picked for their superior craftsmanship by Arturo Alvarez. Like with a great painting or sculpture, each Iki Floor Lamp is considered to be an individual and original work of art.

When lit, the dinosauresque floor lamp creates wonderful shadows which result from the natural wave effect of the lamp shade construction. The lamp’s length means the ends of the body remain partly in darkness which in turn creates a stunning and mysterious ambient lighting effect. Tripod-like legs made from stainless steel lend an animalistic style to the Iki floor lamp.

iki-floor-lamp-dinosaurThis floor lamp will suit all areas of the home but especially areas where it can be admired for long periods of time such as the living room or bedroom. There are four different colors in which this Iki Lamp is made and they include white, black, blue and orange. It cries out to be touched and thankfully, it doesn’t have teeth.

You can buy this unique floor lamp from this location: Iki Floor Lamp by Arturo Alvarez.