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Decorative watering cans have a quality that allows them to be used indoors or outdoors. In some cases, they can serve duals functions, both as decorative features and as functioning flower water carriers. It’s important when designing a home interior to be creative and find items that one wouldn’t usually associate with the inside of a house. These rustic watering cans as seen in the image below are the type of decorative accessory I mean, that can really complete a decor scheme.

3-decorative-watering-cans-rusticThe set of 3 decorative watering cans are made from iron and have been given a charming rustic look. If you have an interior theme based on, for example, an English country kitchen or a traditional Prairie cabin, then these will suit the style tremendously. Rustic iron watering cans look especially good with a wooden or slate floor backdrop with adds to the charm of the old-world feel.

Outside, these watering cans will provide a little color and shape in a garden especially during the Winter months. They can be used as purely decorative features to sit amongst a group of flowers or beneath a tree, on a bench. In the Summer they can be used to water a small vegetable patch or a group of plants. That’s the best thing about these rustic iron watering cans, they can be used in either of two functions or both at the same time.

You can see a bigger picture as well as purchasing details here: Set of 3 Decorative Watering Cans in Rustic Iron.