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Chromotherapy (color therapy) has long been accepted as a way of healing the body and mind. Some of the first peoples to use such techniques where the ancient Egyptians and their love of color can be seen in the art that survived from the period. Interior Decorators today spend a lot of time choosing the right colors for a room and this also encompasses decorative canvas wall art pieces which are used to add thematic highlights and accentuate an interior.

Relaxation is probably the most needed human condition we require in the hectic and busy societies of the modern age. After a long and hard day at work, we like nothing more than to come home and relax as best we can. Whatever age we are, it can be difficult to find true relaxation for more than just a few minutes. However, there are certain colors and related images that can encourage us to find a deeper form of relaxation without us even realising or trying. So what are these colors and images?

Blue – The most popular color amongst men, blue is widely regarded as a color which causes the body to release chemicals that lead to calmness and serenity. It’s also a good color for use in home offices and studies as it aids concentration and productivity. Care does need to be taken however as too much blue can lead to sadness and the “blues”.

Canvas wall art images that contain blue and will enhance relaxation include tropical beach scenes, savannahs, oceans, aviation and avian themes, sunrises, daytime cityscapes, swimming dolphins and those rather fascinating satellite images of earth from space.

Green – Like blue, green can be seen just about anywhere and everywhere, for it’s the color of grass, plants and the leaves on the trees. It’s also a relaxing color and is used by television companies to help people relax before appearing on a show; they sit in a “green room”. Green can also apparently improve concentration, especially when reading.

Wall art canvas images with green that will help relax the body and mind include forest scenes, grasslands, close-up animal shots in grass, plants, trees, fruit and vegetables, rice paddies, tropical rainforests and Irish and Celtic art.

Brown – Certain hues of brown can make wonderful additions to an interior. Brown inspires relaxation and a bond with nature, in a similar way to the above two colors. Brown can be seen a lot in wooden and leather furniture as well as wooden flooring and walls. In a white room, brown can bring a touch of antique character and rustic charm together with a general sense of wellbeing. However, too much brown in one space can bring about a certain amount of melancholy.

One might not imagine wall canvas art would be all that attractive in brown but there are some themes which work it well. These include images of furniture, woodlands, landscapes, tree bark, seeds and grains, crop fields, fabrics, sunsets, autumn leaves, bears, old 19th Century photographs, deer and wood floors.

There are some other colors which can contribute to a sense of calmness and which can be considered when decorating a room. Unlike the above colors however they are used primarily as background tones and would be more difficult to find in canvas wall art images. These colors include ivory, beige and light gray. There are of course a whole range of colors in between the above mentioned colors which will also be considered relaxing and ideal as decorative accents.