Pair of Spiral Accent Tables with Round Glass Tops

by interior designer

in Furnishings

Accent tables are basically tables which add a visually appealing element to an interior space. As the name suggests they can accentuate other items of furniture and bring to the fore a desired décor scheme. This will certainly be achieved with a pair of spiral accent tables with glass round tops as seen in the image below. These wonderful tables can be used purely as decorative features or be incorporated into a room’s functional nature as side tables or end tables.

The two tables, each with a different height and width, are constructed of spiralled metal rods which make up the body and form a strong and secure structure. Glass surfaces continue with the see-through nature of the table and help keep the focus on whatever is placed on top. The perfect combination of form and function is completed with a Canyon Bronze finish. The look of each table means it can combine well with most forms of furniture design already in place in the home whether contemporary or classical in nature.

Two accent tables like this do not have to be solely decorative. They can also be used as side tables next to an armchair or bed, or alternatively they can act as end tables either side of a sofa or cabinet. Their surface space is limited and thus items such as flower vases, sculptures, and picture frames will be best served on such eye-catching furniture pieces. They can however be used as a place to set down a television remote control, a mug of coffee, or a book you like to keep close to hand. There really are endless possibilities for two tables of this nature and they can be situated in just about any room in the home including the bathroom, hallway, master bedroom, or dining room.

You can buy the pair from here: Spiral Accent Tables.

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