Folies Bergere Boudoir Stool with 4 Ladies’ Legs in Garters and High Heels

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Bring a touch of 19th Century Paris into your bedroom with this whimsical Folies Bergère boudoir stool with gartered female legs as table-legs. It’s certainly an eye-catching furniture piece and harks back to the famous Parisian music hall first opened in the year 1869. The Folies Bergère, which actually still exists to this day, began to show operettas, comic opera, popular songs, and gymnastics, before moving towards a more titillating genre of entertainment involving dancing women, frequently scantily clad, and with extravagant costumes and stage designs.

This French-style boudoir stool’s legs will remind most people of the famous French dancing style known as the can-can. The high kicking dance was hugely popular but not without its moments of scandal. Traditionally the female dancers would wear costumes with long skirts, petticoats, and stockings, sometimes with garters. This bedroom stool also comes with the decorative features associated with French theatre décor including the stage curtains and border frills. A comfortable and plush upholstered cushion provides a welcoming perch on which to apply, or remove, make-up.

The highly unique and delightfully charming Folies Bergère music hall themed stool will make a lovely addition to a bedroom or bathroom with a decidedly classical or bohemian décor theme. It’s humorous and culturally historical which will appeal greatly to people with a fondness and fascination with traditional French culture and history. It’s also a sexy piece of furniture and for women with a naughty streak, the boudoir stool will sit pretty in a related décor and furniture collection. It can also be used as a small table or purely as a decorative element in its own right without being used as a seating item. Alternatively, it can be situated in the living room, dining room, or hallway, where it will definitely attract the attention of visitors to the home.

You can buy it here: Folies Bergere Boudoir Stool.

It is a Design Toscano exclusive.

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