Square Black Latticework Accent Table with Shelves

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If you’re looking for an accent table with a sense of grounded stability, formal elegance and high functionality, then this square latticework table with shelves, as seen below, is going to fit your requirements. The black accent table is suitable for a wide range of living room décor schemes and will look good beside numerous types of sofa and armchair styles. It’s lattice design allows it to merge with a great many different themes that other styles would have difficulty complimenting.

Latticework designs are thousands of years old and are popular throughout Europe and Asia. Lattice décor in buildings can be seen as far afield as Spain, Saudi Arabia and India whilst latticework windows are even mentioned in biblical stories. The accent table above also has a rather Charles Rennie Mackintosh (famous Scottish architect, artist and designer) look about it which is reminiscent of the Japanese designs he was influenced by. Although in this case, the table also has a subtle Indian appearance which will reflect well in a South Asian styled interior décor arrangement.

Below the table top are two extra shelves on which can be placed everyday items you need close to hand or more decorative objects such as bowls, sculptures and art books. The lattice sides provide a delightful framework to whatever objects you decide to place on these square shelves and allow visitors to at first peer through the latticework before finally seeing the decorative objects whole as they move closer to the side table and its nearby sofa or armchair. Alternatively, of course, the accent table can be placed in a location entirely independent of any seating furniture piece and become a feature all by itself in an emptier part of an interior space.

Functional, stylish, graceful and small, the latticework accent table can be situated in a living room, bedroom, dining room or even a bathroom, where it will fulfil a variety of roles.

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