Quality Antique-Style Drum Table with Hand Painted Floral Design

by interior designer

in Furnishings

This Artists’ Originals Coffee Drum Table has been crafted in the style of table that began to be popular in America during 18th century. Drum tables get their name from their similarity in shape and often materials from the drum musical instrument. The cylindrical shape of the drum, not surprisingly, inspired the drum table design which has since been used as side, coffee and general accent tables.

The Butler antique-style drum table as seen in the picture above is an impeccably crafted item of furniture which will look wonderful in more traditional décor schemes. Such craftsmanship is uncommon today and the decorative floral patterns on the side and table surface are reminiscent of more classical styles of furniture. For a room with a decidedly 17th, 18th or 19th Century design theme, then this drum table is going to be irreplaceable and will no doubt become a prized heirloom.

Round tables like this one make a refreshing and more interesting impression on what can end up being a rather straight-edged décor scheme and furniture arrangement. Curved round furniture adds a visual contrast that can improve a particular area of a room. This Artists’ Originals Coffee Drum Table also makes an ideal storage space as well as being an ornately decorative feature.

Within the table can be placed books, wine and spirit bottles, board games, glasses and any other items needed close to hand in a living room or bedroom. The drum table can be situated in a variety of interiors and can act as a side table for use next to an armchair or alternatively, as a bedside table next to a large wooden bed. It can also be placed by itself and act as a delightful accent or coffee table and be admired from a distance as well as close up.

You can buy this particular table from here: Artists’ Originals Coffee Drum Table.

Dimension: 20″ W x 20” D x 24”

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