Female Form End Tables – Global Views Modern Woman Table

by interior designer

in Furnishings

A modern end table needs an aspect to itself that is eye-catching and original. This is certainly achieved in this pair of female form end tables from the ‘Global Views Modern Woman Table’ collection. The tables feature a naked Giacometti-Style female figure with a square table top above. When placed next to a contemporary or traditional sofa or armchair, the beautiful forms contribute to the quality and elegance of the particular setting.

I’ve written about human figure sculptures before especially one in the style of the Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti. His human figure sculptures were famous for their elongated forms and have remained popular ever since his death in the 1960s. Whilst not necessarily inspired by the work of this artist, the end table female forms are certainly reminders of what made Giacometti’s art so distinctive and memorable.

The end table women also have a decidedly ancient Greek and Roman style about them, albeit with the more contemporary stretching of the body. Perhaps they are a subtle reference to Venus, the Goddess of love, fertility and beauty. For admirers of the female form and the history of sculpture, these female form end tables will make a fantastic addition to a living room interior. They can be used to hold table lamps, books, coffee mats and anything else that’s needed close to hand.

You can buy them here: Global Views Modern Woman Table.

Overall dimensions: 27″ H x 11.25″ W x 13.25″ D

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