Half Table Against a Mirror by Designers Niels Van Eijk and Miriam Van der Lubbe

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Mirrors are a useful way to make any type of room appear larger, brighter and often more interesting. This Half-a-Table furniture piece by Dutch design duo Niels Van Eijk and Miriam Van der Lubbe combines these qualities with a seemingly ordinary table. Yet on closer inspection, the oak table is in fact cut in half and the normal appearance is gained from the added reflection in the mirror. Optical illusions are certainly a main feature in many of the duo’s creative works.

The half a table set against a mirror is intended for use in small homes and interiors. Placed in a hallway or tiny home office, the mirror will enlarge the visual space whilst the table will contribute to the appearance of another room. It almost has an Alice in Wonderland quality in which one feels there is a doorway into another world or dimension. Maybe at night, there is!

We’re all familiar how stores use mirrors to make their interior’s look bigger and trick the shopper into thinking there are more products and ranges than there really are. This half table and mirror act in the same way. It might be a difficult temptation to resist for guests to try and move the table from what appears to be an entranceway to another interior space. Of course, the mirror must be kept spotlessly clean for this to work.

It will suit a variety of homes, especially those owned by people with a love of modern design and clever furnishings. Whether in a small or large room, the oak half table + mirror will bring illusion and originality to the space. It is a little pricey though but if you have cash to splash, it’s worth it.

You can buy it from here: Half Table Against Mirror.

Price: $2,889

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