Oak Coffee Tables for a Living Room with Gossip Potential

by interior designer

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For husbands across the nation, the humble coffee table is where the wife and her friends congregate to gossip about the latest trends in fashion, cuisine and Ethel’s ghastly curtains from over the road. For women, an oak coffee table is center stage in a furniture arrangement that can either break or make a living room décor scheme.

Oak has for countless centuries been a staple material for furniture, whether in the form of tables, chairs, bed frames or large and ornate bookcases. Oak ceiling beams are still a much sought after feature in an old home and this tradition can be seen most eloquently in English country cottage styles. However, there’s nothing quite like a quality oak coffee table to really enhance a room and complement various types of existing décor schemes.

Coffee may well be described as freshly ground heaven, but an oak furniture piece is most definitely a step above that, albeit with considerably more ageing and unground grains. A good looking oak coffee table will add an air of stately sophistication, not to mention, antique splendour. Put together with aptly designed drinks coasters, plates, vases and books, the coffee table and accessories will make tea and coffee time a more enjoyable and visually appealing experience.

Oak is a long-lasting hardwood and so any furniture made from this material is guaranteed to last a life time and more. You could hypothetically dance on it with your husband every evening for months and it would still look as good as when you first saw it.

Many oak tables are delightfully crafted with intricate patterns, motifs and decorations. When matched with certain rugs, table runners, bowls and sculptures, the table will be accentuated and become almost like a shining beacon in the night, shouting “look at me, I am beautiful!”. Find one which matches your tastes and is the right size and shape to fulfil all the various requirements and functions you will want it to bear. You don’t want to find there’s not enough room to place more than two cups of coffee once some decorative accessories have been added.

“Is that a drawer I see?”. Some oak coffee tables even come with extra compartments and fixtures. These can include drawers which are positioned just below the table top. Instead of leaving rather unappealing spectacle cases, television remote controls and various magazines, papers and stationary on the surface, we can place these in the drawers and roll them closed. Others have open shelves where these items can also be placed or where more understated decorative items can be positioned such as fruit bowls.

To see some examples of the designs I have mentioned, have a look here: Oak Coffee Tables.

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