Rustic Rectangular Coffee Table Made From Cedar Wood

by interior designer

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A wooden coffee table offers a rustic look you can rarely find in other materials such as glass, metal and even strengthened plastic. This rectangular cedar wood coffee table is a perfect example of how a rustic table can really enhance and complement existing décor in a living room which harks back to more traditional and classical styles. The beauty of the cedar wood and its unmistakable grain patterns will also go well with rural cabin and country themed interiors as well.

Coffee tables are popular items of furniture and are ideally placed just in front of the main sofa. Most are constructed so they match the dimensions and seat heights of regular furniture sizes and thus fit in nicely with the sofas and armchairs around it. The main function of the coffee table is hinted at in its name. Beverages, books, vases of flowers, candles and television remotes find solace and comfortable placement on this style of table. You can even rest your feet on it after a tiring day at work (my favourite use for it).

This elegant and understated rectangular coffee table takes advantage of the delightful qualities of the wood from which it is made. Cedar wood is extremely durable and has been used in furniture making for centuries due to its long-lasting and decay-resistant nature. Another remarkable feature is that cedar wood is relatively lightweight and thus a coffee table of the size shown in the image above is easy to move from one position to another without causing too much strain. In case you worry about the effects of chemical preservatives seen in so many furniture items these days on your family’s health, then you can put your mind at rest for this coffee table is completely free of these potentially harmful elements.

One thing to be aware of is that as cedar wood ages, cracks can appear. This is called “checking” and is caused by a natural process where the wood releases tiny amounts of moisture via the growth rings. However, these in no way affect the strength or integrity of the coffee table and will in most cases enhance the rustic look. If you’re looking for a cedar table for your living room where guests and family are often entertained with tea, coffee and wines, then this coffee table made from attractive cedar wood will be ideal.

You can buy it from here: Rustic Rectangular Cedar Wood Coffee Table.

Price: $131.20

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