Red Ceramic Stool for Use Inside or Outside

by interior designer

in Furnishings

Whether hosting a social function outdoors in the garden or sitting chatting to a friend inside, this attractive red ceramic stool will make a useful addition to the home. Stools like this one can also be used as accent or side tables for use next to a sofa or chair. Owing to the rich red color of this ceramic stool, it will fit in well with a contemporary design scheme although it will also compliment various international themes such as Moroccan, Chinese or even Native American.

The stool is enhanced with a variety of indentations and other markings. These create extra shadow and contrast which add interest and depth to the piece. Outside in the garden, the beautiful red color will look beautiful on a green lawn and next to a variety of colourful flowers. Indoors, the stool-cum-table can be used for seating or for placement of vases, candles or sculptural works.

The stool is also available in a number of other colors including sky blue and ivory.

You can buy it from here: Red Ceramic Stool.

Price: $194

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