Comfortable Stone Cube Stool Table Made From Wool Felt

by interior designer

in Furnishings

Imagine having a large rock in your home on which to sit that was attractive to look at but above all had the comfort of a large cushion. This is practically what this stone cube stool-cum-side table is and will make an eye-catching addition to most rooms in the home. Okay, it’s not actually made of stone or rock but the design is reminiscent of contours and materials found in nature. Unlike with rock however, you can sit on this stone cube for a lot longer without getting a sore bottom.

The organic structure is made from wool felt which is presented in varying shades of brown and gray. In much the same way as various East Asian traditions seek to bring peace-inspiring accessories into the home, this stone cube creates a visual and aesthetic harmony that will complement and enhance certain interior décor schemes already present.

Place it in front of an armchair and it can be used as a footrest whilst watching television. Alternatively it can be located to the side of a sofa and thus become a side table on which remotes and spectacles can be handily placed. Its charming design makes it ideal as an accent piece on its own and in this regard can be situated in a central position in a space which might have been lacking something decorative beforehand. There are many possible uses for this stool-cum-table.

You can buy it from here: Stone Cube Stool Table.

Price: $298

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