La Bohème Vase Shaped Stools by Phillipe Starck for Kartell

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I’ve written about the French designer Phillipe Starck countless times on this website and for good reason. These La Bohème vase shaped stools are a perfect example of his style which has seen his name and reputation soar to heights unimaginable. Made by the famous Italian furniture company, the stools are designed for contemporary and fun-loving interior settings where trendy décor and exquisite furnishings are desired and the norm.

The transparent polycarbonate plastic from which these vase stools are made is durable and strong whilst also giving the appearance of delicateness. As one might imagine, the inspiration behind these stools is the curving form of the traditional vase. There are variations in the series and these will appeal to different tastes and needs. For example, La Bohème 2 has a flared top whilst La Bohème 3 has an amphora-style shape.

All vase-shaped stools are also available in a selection of different colors including red, purple, green and yellow. These can be matched together to create a delightfully colourful setting in a particular room or outdoor environment. Incidentally, they are perfect for indoor or outdoor use and will add charm to a kitchen, living room, patio or balcony alike.

What’s great about all Kartell products, including these stools, is the fact they are very easy to clean and all the materials are recyclable. When hosting your next drinks party, you can arrange a few of these stools around about and watch the impressed faces of guests as they fight to sit on one of the cool seats designed by the much loved Phillipe Starck. They’ll also catch the light and reflect color onto nearby walls, floors and even ceilings.

You can buy these contemporary stools from here: La Bohème Vase Shaped Stools.

Made in Italy.

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