Set of 6 Hand-painted Ceramic Decorative Balls in Blue and White

by interior designer

in Decorative Art

Decorative additions to a room can really add a personal touch to the interior. This is certainly the case with this set of 6 hand-painted ceramic balls which come in a variety of blue and white patterns. The six ceramic balls can be placed in a position where they will add some visual interest where perhaps there is little else to focus the eyes. This can be the case in a bathroom environment or minimalist kitchen or hallway.

The blue and white decorative balls for the home interior can be placed in just about any location. They’ll sit well on a level table top with perhaps a thin layer of cloth beneath to stop them from rolling off the side. Other places they might suit include in a flat bowl; on top of the soil in a plant pot, beneath the plant itself; in a glass jar upon a shelf; inside a nook in the wall which can be viewed from afar; on a rug in an out of the way (in regards to footsteps) location; or alternatively close to hand where they can be gently played with during a rest period from working in a home study or library.

The ceramic balls come in different patterns but all have the same attractive blue and white color scheme. Individually hand-painted, they are sure to become a much admired decorative feature to a localised setting in an interior space.

You can buy them from here: Set of Six Hand-painted Decorative Balls.

Price: $42

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