Modern Silver Side Table with 3 Differently Designed Legs

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In many years of Interior Designing, this is the first table I’ve come across with all three legs of a distinctly different design from one another. The modern silver side table in question is pictured below and is ideal for a contemporary interior where up-to-date style and décor is required and desired. It will not only catch the eye of family members and visitors alike but will also highlight and accentuate any light in the room whether artificial or natural daylight.

This is because the three-legged table with three different leg designs is made from Aluminum which together with the smooth polished silver finish will shine with beauty in any setting. The round table is perfect for placement next to a sofa or armchair where it will act as a functional piece of furniture, just like any regular table, or as a purely decorative item in its own right. The latter of which is easy to see working in just about any home.

Alternatively, it can be positioned in a bedroom next to the bed or as extra surface space together with another contemporary and unusual dressing table or night-stand. The three differently designed legs of the modern silver side table are delightful in their various forms. One is composed of what look like round droplets or balls, whilst another has three ripples which exquisitely disturb the flow of the leg. The table is of course perfectly stable and balanced and can be used for a variety of functions.

You can buy this very unique table here: Mix Table Silver.

Price: $198

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Checks and Spots 02.27.11 at 23:06

So unique and off beat! Love it. What a great find…

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