Julia Bench Review: Contemporary Coffee Table, Sculpture and Bench All In One

by interior designer

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Furniture which combines a number of different roles and functions are becoming an increasingly popular purchase choice for interior design connoisseurs. This is specifically the case with the modern Julia Bench which can be used as a bench, coffee table or a sculpture in its own right. Such is the aesthetic charm of this particular contemporary creation, the possibilities for its uses and locational positioning are varied and fascinating to contemplate in a modern home d├ęcor scheme.

The Julia Bench is made from two different materials and these are an exotic plank of Macassar wood veneer which is unique in each composition. This plank is held together by two hollow squares of stainless steel metal which creates the illusion of the plank floating in the square without seemingly being attached to the frameworks. The effect is amazing and adds interest to the furniture piece when situated in an interior setting of your choice.

As mentioned above, the versatility of the Julia Bench marks it out as a multifunctional furniture piece for use in a variety of rooms. Placed in a living room, the bench can act as a coffee table where coasters, fabric covers, books and vases will accentuate the simplicity of the item. Alternatively, it can be located at the end of a bed in the master bedroom where it will fulfil the need for a table to place clothing, small storage boxes and belongings that will be needed when first getting out of bed.

In another sense, the bench can be used solely as a decorative sculptural piece which will sit in a hallway, dining room or kitchen and bring a contemporary aura to the setting and interior as a whole. It can then be brought out as a functional furniture piece when a party or social function is held in the home and extra seating is required. As a cat owner, I can just imagine the delightful scene of your cat resting upon the plank and adding natural grace and elegance to the bench-cum-table-cum-sculpture.

You can buy this indoor bench from here: Julia Bench – Coffee Table, Sculpture and Bench All In One.

Price: $798

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