The Poetry of Rugs and Carpets

by interior designer

in Floors

Buying a new rug or carpet is usually an exciting prospect for any homeowner. In some instances, the rug jumps out at us when browsing through a store, in the real-world or online, whilst on other occassions, we need to ponder and contenplate the designs we require for quite some time. The following poem is written by Israeli poet Missy Poem about her enthusiasm for carpets, rugs and the beautiful colors that can really make a floor space shine.


I like carpets in a house
Carpets keep warmth in.
I love to walk barefoot
I love the feel of carpet on my feet.

For a house that has clean colors
I would choose a colorful carpet as you see in the picture.
The carpet will bring forth joy and the colors provide clean lines

The carpets I have at home,
They are soft handmade carpets.
Very simple to clean are these carpets
And just as easy to pick up and change their places.

My house has a lot of carpets!
All sorts of sizes and colors
So …
You can also try and I know you will not regret!

Happy Winter!
Missy Poem.

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