Tower Single Floor Lamp by George Kovacs

by interior designer

in Lighting

Like an Art Deco tower block, the Tower Single Floor Lamp by George Kovacs stands proudly and elegantly in the corner of a room. This is ambient lighting at it’s very best. The philosophy of light is combined with the sturdiness of architectural beauty to provide a lighting accent for just about any style of interior, whether contemporary or traditional.

Three square shades make up the bulk of this tall floor lamp with the sleek structure providing a framework, rather like a frame one would see around a prized painting. The two forms, solid metal and glass shades, go well together and compliment each other’s existence. A choice of either amber or etched opal are available as are differences with the finish on the metal.

Whether you want a bright and cool effect or a rich golden shimmer, one of the two varieties will be suitable for your room. If you like the styles of the early and mid-20th Century, then you will most certainly appreciate the design of Kovacs’ floor lamp.

You can buy this light here: Tower Single Floor Lamp.

Comes with a floor dimmer switch.

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