Modern Indoor Zen Bench With Angled Legs

by interior designer

in Furnishings

Inspired by the furniture of the Far East, this modern indoor Zen Bench with angled legs is a combination of old styles and new. The contemporary espresso finish merges with the centuries old history of Zen Buddhism and brings to your interior a functional and attractive multi-possibility furniture piece. It’s simplicity contributes a peaceful and meditative ambiance to a space, whether a bedroom or living room. Like a lotus flower, it sits serene.

The indoor Zen Bench can be located in a variety of interior settings and can also be used for a multitude of different activities. Placed in a living room, the contemporary bench with angled legs can act as both a seating furniture piece and as a table, perhaps for coffee or cocktails. Alternatively, the espresso Zen Bench can be situated at the bottom of a bed in a guest’s room where it will provide an attractive element to the interior as well as a helpful surface area for the placement of bags and towels.

The delightful simplicity of the Zen Bench transfers a certain sense of wisdom which can echo into the space in which it is placed. Located in a hallway, the bench-cum-table can act as a symbol of relaxation and the pathway to enlightenment for households which hold dear Buddhist traditions and teachings. For others, this modern indoor low slotted wood Zen Bench can compliment existing d├ęcor whether Eastern or Western and become a decorative feature in itself.

You can purchase this bench-cum-table from the following location: Modern Indoor Zen Bench With Angled Legs.

Price: $579

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