Buying Loft Bunk Beds for Children

by interior designer

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When it comes to its most basic format, a loft bed is defined as a bed on stilts. It makes use of an elementary twin size bed frame connected to the inner braces of the construction. That’s why, if you decide you basically need to elevate your youngster’s bed so that you can regain floor space, it is possible to produce your very own loft bed.

Obviously, a loft bed (like the Dufur Full Loft Bed in the picture above) doesn’t have to be constructed from scratch. There are many loft options which might be purchased at the local household furniture store or online. Most of these are made like a bunk bed devoid of the lower bunk. Loft beds have proven to be most regularly occurring within college dorm suites. Having space at a premium, moving the bed off the actual ground is going to ensure enough room for a couch or possibly a laptop or computer table. At the same time, loft beds have moved into the home in support of added versatility with regard to kid’s bedroom furnishings.

This unique open space offers a good deal of opportunity. Many loft beds are fashioned with an added attribute set up beneath the bed. A few have a futon for the purpose of seating which can readily morph into another bed, handy for sleepovers. This spot might also be employed to keep a toddler’s room organized with the addition of closets, compartments, chests, and other storage spaces. A loft bed that has a table could possibly convert into the most effective study zone.

In the event you obtain a loft bed that doesn’t come with one of these elements, you can always purchase your own desk or chest of drawers or perhaps a futon. Alternately, it can be left entirely open to your child’s creativeness. Any time you’re selecting a loft bed via a store or alternatively online, it is always essential to be aware of the sizes of your kid’s bedroom and also the loft bed your family would like to order.

Some loft beds also come with slides and a variety of these can be viewed on the following website: Loft Bunk Beds with Slides.

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Diana (geekgrljez) 04.02.10 at 20:52

Is it weird that I see myself in the GI bunk bed with slide and side tent?
Sigh, I was never what you would call a “normal” girl.

interior designer 04.03.10 at 11:23

Not at all weird. :) Although I can’t say I would have liked the pink princess bunk bed, being a little boy and all.

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