Tall Oak Wood CD/DVD Media Storage Cabinet in a Country Style

by interior designer

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When buying a media storage cabinet it is important to calculate what size and style of cabinet you will need. Some pre-existing interior design schemes suit metals and glass whilst other interiors provide a more harmonious setting for more traditional forms of material used in furniture such as wood. This tall oak wood CD and DVD media storage cabinet as seen below is a wooden storage cabinet piece that will look great in a room where wooden furniture is the norm and will thus be complimentary to the d├ęcor already in place.

CD and DVD media cabinets are ideal furniture pieces for the safe and orderly storage for items such as DVDs, CDs, video games and various miscellaneous items associated with the television, video recorder and games consoles. The tall oak wood media storage cabinet that caught my own eye is a smart and aesthetically pleasing cabinet which can hold up to 175 DVD’s or around 290 CD’s. Inside the wooden media cabinet are five shelves with four of these being adjustable so as to be better suited to your own individual needs.

The tall oak wood media storage cabinet is made from solid hardwood which has then been fitted with warm oak veneers and a rich milti-step oak finish. A casual yet high functional furniture piece, this wood CD and DVD Media Storage Cabinet will fit in to a reasonably narrow gap next to a television or alcove. When the doors are closed, it will be yet another beautiful wooden furniture piece that will merge with the existing decor and hide the often garish CD and DVD casings inside.

You can see a larger picture of what this tall oak media cabinet looks like when the doors are closed via the link mentioned below.

This cabinet can be bought from the following location: Tall Oak Wood CD/DVD Media Storage Cabinet.

Price: $261.

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Maris Whitaker 07.10.10 at 03:07

Please send me the outside measurements on the tall oak wood cd/dvd media storage cabinet, and also the cost of shipping it to Boulder Colorado. Also, please tell me how to order it, since I don’t see any way to order it on this website, the Home Interior Design Themes website. Thank you.

interior designer 07.10.10 at 16:20

Follow the link given in the post. This will take you to another website from where the item is sold. There you will also be able to find measurements and shipping details.

Maris Whitaker 07.19.10 at 02:00

I followed the link given in the post. It was supposedly going to take me to another website from where the item is sold, but evidently the website is no longer available. Would you please try it out yourself and see if it works for you? I want to buy the “tall oak wood cd/dvd media cabinet” and just need a phone number or website that works. Thanks.
Maris Whitaker

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