Faux Window Beach Scene Art for a Room Without a Window

by interior designer

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When a room such as a bathroom or utility room is without a window, it can be difficult creating a cheerful and spacious atmosphere to the interior. That’s where faux window scenes come into play. Faux window art or photography can enhance a room’s ambiance as well as make a small and poky interior look larger than it really is. Mood is an important aspect to consider in all rooms of the home and that’s another benefit a cheerful faux window beach scene such as this one brings.

The faux window beach scene is a lithograph of an original piece of artwork. This particular seaside scene was created by an American artist by the name of Kristy Edwards. The scene is of a real place that the artist visited especially for the painting. A faux window beach scene such as this watercolor artwork is both beautiful and beneficial to the human mind when placed in a small windowless room. It’s also a great idea for anyone who suffers from the winter blues to place on the wall in a room regardless of how many windows it has.

A saw tooth hanger means the lithograph is easy to hang up wherever desired. If you appreciate watercolor art and need to make a windowless bathroom or general living area appear bigger and brighter, then this faux window beach scene art lithograph is a great choice.

You can see a larger image as well as exact dimensions here: Faux Window Beach Scene Art.

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Bruce Ackerman 01.31.13 at 21:54

Hi Kristy…I recently got one of your paintings, printed on masonite type board. On the back it has Stuppell Industries, Johnston, RI. It is a beach scene looking out a window…a bucket in the lower left hand corner with sea shells and at the top, blue and white umbrellas on the sand. I think it is in a tropical location because there are a couple palm trees on the right side of the picture. The indoor roll-up curtain/blind is green and yellow stripes with fringe. I really like the picture and would like to know more about it. I read that the scenes you paint are places you have been. Can you tell me where this beach scene is ?
I live in Dallas, TX.

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