The Cosmovoide – A Luxury Egg-Shaped Bed With LED Lights

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The amazing Cosmovoide bed is a luxury creation by talented craftsmen from the North of France. As one noticed immediately, this unique and innovative bed is in the shape of an egg and is in some ways reminiscent of a traditional four-poster bed. Incidentally, the name of this luxury bed comes from the words “cosmic egg” from where the idea for this stunning bed came from. For people who like to sleep in contemporary forms of extravagance and sumptuosity, this Cosmovoide bed is the answer to their dreams.

luxury-egg-shaped-bed-design-led-lightsThere’s a lot of philosophical meaning in this bed which explores also the realms of golden number geometry theories. However, visually, there are a number of added delights which propel this bed from being just impressive to being absolutely stunning. These include the built-in LED lights which can be found overhead which will bring an atmospheric light show during the darker hours of the day. Also included in this modern European bed is a telephone, an integrated television and also a home theatre.

This luxury bed design also incorporated a hammock-like suspension frame for the mattresses. The result is a flexing action which adapts to the shape of the sleeper’s body. In more ways than one, the egg inspiration for this bed means the result is truly egg-like in shape and secure comfort.

You can read more about the Cosmovoide bed as well as see further pictures here: The Cosmovoide Bed.

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