Gustav Klimt ‘Tree of Life’ Tapestry Throw Blanket

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Gustav Klimt ranks high among the many artists whose work I greatly admire. It was thus a pleasant surprise to come across this rather attractive ‘Tree of Life’ tapestry throw blanket with one of Klimt’s most famous works woven onto the surface. The Austrian Symbolist painter met with much success during his lifetime and his legacy has been long and highly impressive.

tapestry-tree-of-life-klimtThis particular tapestry throw blanket has been masterfully woven on jacquard looms and hand finished. The original painting by Klimt was lighter and so this is not a faithful reproduction but nonetheless the wonderful curves and structure of the piece is all in place. For any art lover and particularly for Klimt fans, then this Tree of Life tapestry throw blanket will make a perfect gift.

You can buy this tapestry from here: Gustav Klimt ‘Tree of Life’ Tapestry Throw Blanket.

Price: $49.99

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02.28.10 at 12:55


Fresh Design Blog 11.03.09 at 11:39

This is a nice piece and a very reasonable price too!

Shailee 11.04.09 at 04:01

The correlation between this and the Indian Kalamkari is surprising as the Kalamkari (pen work) also uses “Tree of Life” motif as a significant motif. This is a nice peice .

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