Ergonomic White Cloud Home Office Chair

by interior designer

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It can be difficult to find an office chair that will match with pre-existing décor. The majority of home office chairs come in the traditional black or gray that can become awfully heavy in certain design schemes. That’s where this ‘White Cloud’ ergonomic office chair comes into the picture. If you have a largely white and modern home office interior, then this is likely to be a snug fit and will add an extra spark of style.

white-cloud-home-office-chairThe rolling cloud effect of the four round bolsters along with the head rest on top is a unique and highly ergonomic feature. It’s hard not to see the chair as the starting point for creativity in one’s work, regardless of the subject. The home office chair’s shape will ensure a perfect posture when working. Notice too the black armrests and casters which provide an aesthetic tonal contrast.

The White Cloud Chair is a visually pleasing creation specifically designed for the home office interior where comfort, style and functionality are required. One can also consider the white chair as an interesting addition to very dark office rooms thereby creating a moonlit cloud effect. This would look stunning when lamps and ambient lighting are taking into consideration.

You can buy this contemporary chair from the following location: Ergonomic White Cloud Home Office Chair

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Nic 07.01.10 at 13:03

Do you think that the future of office design lies in products like this? It would be good, if so but I’m not sure how receptive people would be. I saw the most amazing chair/desk design that you could fold up into a sphere at the end of the day but I just couldn’t picture it going into common usage.

But more attention does need to be paid to ergonomics, there’s no doubt about that. Given my choice, I would make it obligatory for employers to attend something similar to a CPD seminar. It would need to be far more simple, but a basic understanding of ergonomics is the minimum employers should have. Anyone who has suffered with RSI would agree with me.

Best Kneeling Chairs 10.12.10 at 00:43

I’m a huge fan of ergonomic accessories and products, especially ergonomic chairs. I’ve been using a kneeling chair for the past 9 months without fail and it has been a tremendous help for my back.

I’ll definitely have to look into these new products as well.

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