Wall Mounted Curved Magnetic Key Holder

by interior designer

in Halls

How often have you been rushing out of the house to attend an important meeting or pick up the kids from school, when suddenly you realise you can’t find your car or front door keys? It happens to me more often that I would like to admit. That’s why this magnetic key holder. which fits snugly onto the wall caught my eye when surfing the web recently.

Wall-Mounted-Curved-Magnetic-Key-HolderIf placed close to the entrance door, this contemporary key holder can be a useful wall fixture in two ways. The first is, as the name suggests, a place for storing keys. The second is as a letter holder in that the curved design allows the tucking away of mail for later reading. This is particularly helpful when you’ve just come home with the shopping or the children and you need a place to quickly place any bills or important letters.

What really separates this key holder from any other is its magnetic quality. Inbuilt into the design is a very strong magnet which will keep keys securely attached to the fiberboard. It’s thus a cool way to store your keys at home on the wall in the hallway, whether they be for the car, the front door or the office. The design is very understated as well which means it will fit in with all types of interior decor.

You can buy it from this location: Wall Mounted Curved Magnetic Key Holder.

Price: $18

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alli michelle 08.22.09 at 23:17

I really like the sleek design of this! It is so functional but is also aesthetically pleasing. I enjoy your blog!

interior designer 08.23.09 at 12:49

Thank you Alli. :)

qerat 08.24.09 at 09:51

what a brillaint idea

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