Vase Waterfall Made From Handcrafted Pottery

by interior designer

in Decorative Art

I browse the internet daily for interesting items to showcase on this blog. It’s rare that I find something that leaves my jaw open and my eyes wide with delight. After all, as a trained Interior Designer, I like to think I’ve seen a lot of unusual and unique interior decor pieces. However, this vase waterfall made from hand crafted pottery led to one of those rare moments of euphoria, that is until I saw the price tag.

vase-waterfall-pottery-emperorThe vase waterfall is not cheap with a price tag of $4700. It’s a decorative feature that requires one hell of a good interior space to compliment its beauty and form. The vase is hand crafted with one side of the vessel broken up to reveal a waterfall which is also illuminated with internal accent lighting. Water streaks down the shards of pottery that give the composition of having been smashed with a sledgehammer.

A driftwood finish completes the look of this delightful emperor pottery waterfall vase which is made specifically for indoor use. There are so many different settings this vase could be located in. For obvious reasons, it would need to be in a position where it is seen and can be admired by guests and family members alike. A large home would be able to incorporate it into an entrance hallway or staircase landing. Having said that, it would also be an ideal accompaniment to living room and bedroom interiors, especially those of a rustic or classical (think Roman or Greek) style.

You can have a closer look at this work of art by wandering over to this location: Vase Waterfall Made From Handcrafted Pottery

I can only imagine its beauty during the night hours when the room lights are dimmed and the only thing heard is the pitter-patter of water.

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Nicolette 08.24.09 at 18:41

I’m a bit confused. How is the waterfall displayed in this case?

Holly 08.24.09 at 19:38

I love it! It’s unique and very beautiful. Now if only I had the funds to buy it.

interior designer 08.24.09 at 21:23

Nicolette – The water cascades down the broken pottery pieces that are visible in the hole. I’m guessing a system similar to a garden fountain, although smaller, would be located inside the vase.

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