The Ofidio Stool that’s also a Magazine Rack and Side Table

by interior designer

in Furnishings

I recently came across this stylish and contemporary stool-cum-magazine rack on my daily travels around the web. It’s by the Argentine designer Facundo Poj who I have written about before on this website. It’s safe to say I am a fan of his furniture designs. This one is called the Ofidio Stool and is made from wood. If you’re looking for a modern addition to one of your interior spaces, then this could be the ideal furniture piece.

ofidio-stool-magazine-holderThe Ofidio Stool is not only a stool but also a magazine and newspaper holder/rack. As well as this, it can also be used as a side table to go beside a sofa or armchair, or it can be placed in a room as an accent table on which to put flowers, vases and sculptures. Of course, it is a sculpture in itself and will look great without any accessories and additions.

modern-stool-magazine-rack-woodenThe incredible craftsmanship means it is sturdy and strong enough to sit on without fear of its collapsing.

Facundo Poj, the designer has built a reputation for himself amongst many of the rich and famous. His furniture is much sought after and has been purchased by buyers from around the world. You too can buy this Ofidio Stool at the following location: Ofidio Stool & Magazine Rack by Facundo Poj


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Carmen Tong 07.30.10 at 17:38

How much is the Ofidio Stool ?


interior designer 08.01.10 at 10:23

Unfortunately, I am unsure. It appears the product is no longer for sale.

hannah griffiths 01.26.11 at 19:42

Hi, Just to comment on what you had written about the ‘Ofidio Stool’, Its actually not made from ‘wood’ it’s made from ‘Bamboo’, it’s made by a laminating process, to form a sheet material of bamboo, called ‘bamboo Ply’. Bamboo is not a tree it is a type of Grass, which is a very sustainable material alternative to ‘wood’.

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