Cross Contemporary Coffee Tables Make Great Accent Pieces

by interior designer

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Many coffee tables can also act as accent pieces at the same time. This is dependent on the style and look of the table and whether it adds a highlighting addition to the interior space. These cross contemporary coffee tables are fine examples of this double furniture option. They are both perfectly functional and highly decorative in their form.

These cross coffee tables can either be used alone or as a group of four, or even more! They come in two different sizes, three different heights and in five different colors. These include black, white, yellow, red and orange. The contrasts multiple tables will provide in one setting are both exciting and vast. For whatever use you have for them, they will set your interior decor scheme off with a vibrant and avant-garde explosion.

Cross-Contemporary-Coffee-Table-OrangeTheir modular simplicity on the other hand make sure that their functional is not given away by excessive decoration which means they are perfect for what they are intended to be. Each of these cross contemporary coffee tables has received some great reviews including a mention in the New York Times. One draw back mentioned is that they are liable to scratch easily but if you’re careful you can avoid this.

Anyway, you can see more images and discover more information about these coffee accent tables from the following location: Cross Contemporary Coffee Tables.

From there you can also read the reviews from other people.

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French Kissed 08.22.09 at 04:21

Love these tables ~ sleek, functional and perfectly packaged punches of color. The orange one is irresistible!

Fred 09.15.12 at 16:49

where do you buy the colorful cross contemporary coffee tables from?

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