Blue and White Striped Shower Curtain

by interior designer

in Bathroom

I’m in the mood to talk about showers, especially after the rather delightful shower I’ve just had. There’s nothing more relaxing than a cool shower on a hot summer day after a lot of exercise. For this reason I was reminded of this blue and white striped shower curtain I saw whilst browsing the web recently. First I have to put some socks on but meet me again after the picture below…

blue-white-striped-shower-curtainI have rather a small bathroom and a tiny bathroom window. This is not very helpful in letting natural daylight into the interior nor is it very cheerful. I also don’t have a shower cubicle but rather a shower nozzle that overhangs a bath. Over the last year I’ve refurbished the bathroom and improved it tremendously from what it was but there’s one more thing I need to add. That’s a decent and good looking shower curtain. The one I have now is old and heavy and does nothing for the ambiance of the room.

This blue and white striped shower curtain is just what I myself am looking for and I thought it would interest my readers who might be in a similar situation. The curtain, which incidentally comes with a matching Collapse Hamper, is a cheerful matching of various tones of blue and white. It’s Summery, cheerful, vibrant and aquatic, all of which will be complimentary to most types of interior bathroom décor.

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Rainy 08.15.09 at 19:53

It’s kinda cute, but like I said on the Twitter thing, I’m all for Superman. Take care man!

interior designer 08.15.09 at 22:01

I will look for some superhero shower curtains for a future post. :-)

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