4 Stylish Cat Products That Look Great in the Home

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Most of my regular readers will know by now that I am a cat lover and have had cats of one sort or another my entire life. I’m particularly choosy when it comes to cat furniture and products as I generally know what cats will and will not like or use. As a designer, I’m always on the look out for aesthetic cat decor and furniture that not only compliment the feline but also the home interior. It’s very telling therefore when I came across this set of 4 stylish cat products and went “wow!”.

set-of-4-matching-cat-productsSo what makes up this set of 4 fantastic items that will make a cat go loopy with delight? The set includes an enclosed litter box, a cushion, a scratching post and an optional cat door. What I like most about this foursome is the understated and tasteful quality of the pieces. The matching products, designed by a Marly Gommans, are made from all-natural and environmentally-friendly materials including wool felt which covers the pillow and litter tray box.

wool-felt-cat-pillow-square-tearMore often than not, it is unfortunate to say, a great many cat furniture pieces and products often look quite ghastly. The designers seem to throw all aesthetic beauty out through the cat door and instead rely on function over form. Not with this set! As someone who loves good looking furniture and pet accessories, this collection is a selection I would be very happy for friends, relatives and guests to see when visiting my home. In fact, the scratching post, enclosed litter tray box and pillow will even act as decor pieces in themselves just like a nice chair, vase or painting would.

enclosed-cat-litter-tray-boxMy favorite of the set is the wonderfully formed cat scratching post which is made from Sisal rope. This would look excellent in the corner of a living room or hallway where the cat can happily scratch away without having a human pestering him to stop destroying the sofa.

As you’ll notice in the pictures, each of the items comes with a matching cut design rather like a tear in paper after we ram a pencil through it. The square tear pieces fold easy and create a secure entry and exit route depending on the function of the piece. This is particularly important for the enclosed litter tray box which prevents overpowering odor from wafting into the room. For indoor cats who don’t venture out, this is of great importance.

Quite how the cat door works, I am uncertain but it looks fantastic! The originality of these designs is wonderful.

You can read more about the cat door, enclosed litter box, sisal rope scratching post and the pillow by visiting the following location: Cat’s in Style.

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Furniture 08.10.09 at 17:56

Yes!! The cat is loving it! I couldn’t agree with you more about the scratching post. I had to buy one (as well as a new sofa, for the cat absolutely destroyed it) and the colours are utterly hideous. The cat is one of the most –if not the most- elegant animals (even more than humans), and that scratching post makes them justice. I want it!

Leyla 08.11.09 at 16:44

Oh my God!! I love this set!! It’s beautiful and totally functional for any cat. Like you, I can tell if a certain piece will actually be used by a cat, and this set is just perfect!

Btw, thank you for your kind comment about my Mishka. I’m also sorry to hear about your loss… Unfortunately, death is an inevitable part of life, that is hard to accept, but the impact these beautiful creatures leave on us is timeless…

I miss having a pet around so much! Maybe in a few months, we’ll start looking at shelters to adopt a new friend :)

interior designer 08.11.09 at 17:42

Leyla, it’s always sad when a cat dies. Each one has their own little personality which is different from another. It does help however if you have more than one cat at the time. This reduces the sense of absence somewhat.

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