Oak Roll Top Writing Desk for the Sophisticated Writer

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As a keen writer myself I know how important it is to be comfortable where you do most of your writing. A good quality desk can be the difference between sluggish labor and enthusiastic and clear thinking productivity. I for one think this oak roll top writing desk is an ideal item of furniture for those serious about their writing.

Whether that be daily letter writing, essay constructing, crafting poetry (another of my hobbies) or tapping away on your laptop computer, this roll top desk will suit all variations of one’s daily routine. For those who can’t get through the day without copious amounts of tea or coffee (yes, me again), the desk even comes with a special draw-out cup platform.


This oak roll top writing desk comes with a delightful array of little nooks and crannies. Shelves, draws and hidden spaces seem to pop out from everywhere. However, this is a wonderfully handy quality for those of us with many items we like to have close to us when writing. These include the small books which include dictionaries, thesauri and also music discs. All these can be slotted neatly into place as can be seen in the picture above.

Rubber bands, pins, erasers, pens, pencils, stamps, memory cards are all tiny items which often get lost. The last thing you want when writing is an annoying bits of paper getting in the way of your important tax forms. Again, these things can be stored away, with ease, in the myriad of draws available close to hand.

This oak roll top writing desk also comes with two file cabinet drawers with locks. These are very handy if you want to keep documents safely stored away from little kid’s crayon drawing skills.

You can read further about the features and dimensions of this roll top desk by following the link below:

Roll Top Desk, Oak Finish

Price: $899

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James Gilmore 02.02.12 at 20:41

Interested in the roll top desk with oak finish at $899.00.

Lynette Cameron 05.25.12 at 05:34

What are the measurements? Do they come in difference sizes as we only have a small house.

eileen 08.22.12 at 22:09

What are the measurements on the roll top oak writing bureau? thank you

C J 01.04.13 at 22:37

Would like to know the measurements for the roll top desk? What is the cost of Shipping? What is the time frame for delivery? And when it’s deliveried, do they bring inside for you or just to the front door?

Thank You

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