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Monkey home decor is an obvious choice for anyone who loves monkeys. There are a whole array of possible styles and accents one can include in such an interior as well as many accessories, both serious and humorous. The problem however is not such much what to put in a monkey themed room but rather how to put everything together and what colors, wall tones and images to place within the scheme.

I decided to address some of these problems as well as offer a number of solutions and points to consider. This has been written up on the following squidoo lens which you can visit by clicking the following: Monkey Home Decor.

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Animal themed rooms are fun and enjoyable to put together but they do need some thought and planning. One also needs to consider who the room is for, whether that be a baby’s nursery, a child’s bedroom, a basement games room or even the main living room. Some interiors will require more understated monkey accents whilst others, like a kid’s playroom, will be able to cope with more loud and visually stunning colorful monkey images and related backgrounds.

See the page linked to above for more on this.

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Erica Stone 07.13.09 at 00:11

The print alone is hysterical! Who would’ve thought to consider monkey-themed decor? The ideas on your Squidoo lens are so charming. I’ve never seen anything like them – the kids bedding set, in particular, is a really sweet set.

Debra 08.09.09 at 00:25

I think small monkey accents are an easy way to dress up a room, especially with kids who can change what they like. It is easier to just change a few small accents than totally redecorate each time the child changes his/her mind. I have a website that stocks monkey figurines and home decor products perfect for adding to any room. Check it out if you are interested at

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