Circular Red Quilt Patterns Perfect for the Bohemian Bedroom Look

by interior designer

in Bedroom

Red quilt patterns are a vibrant alternative to the understated style we usually use to achieve a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in a bedroom. Red is associated with energy and vitality which is often seen as counter-productive to an interior space where sleep is the priority. However, whilst partly true, there are many other factors to consider such as the coloring in the rest of the room and how the lighting is used.


The Bohemian bedroom style is as popular as ever and the red quilt pattern as shown in the image above lends itself effortlessly to this imaginative decor scheme. The circular patterns avoid the hard and pointy abstract shapes seen in many designs and instead induce a calming, relaxing and almost dreamlike feel to the red quilt. For a bedroom needing a burst of red as well as some smooth funky patterns, this red quilt with circular shapes will be perfect.

You can purchase the quilt from the following online location: What a Dish King Quilt in Red by Denyse Schmidt

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