Wooden Salad Serving Sets with Kenyan Cow Bone Handles

by interior designer

in Kitchen

Some of my favorite home decorative items and furniture pieces come from the works of African and Asian artisans in nations like the India and Morocco. So it’s not surprising that I find wooden kitchen utensils made in Kenya, both exciting and attractive. This is especially the case with the wooden Salad Serving Sets shown in the picture below.


Each of the wooden salad serving sets are made of genuine olive wood and have been individually hand crafted by specialist crafters in the East African nation of Kenya. The handles are constructed with a cow bone inlay which provides contrast and decoration to the otherwise bare wooden spoons.

Kenya is unfortunately a very impoverished country. Many livelihoods are based around the handcrafts sector which has a growing international reputation. Kenyan artisans are helping to rebuilt the pride and economy as well as spread the rich Kenyan heritage to the outside world.

These wooden salad serving sets are available for purchase from the following website: Olive Wood Salad Serving Set with Petals Cow Bone Handle

Price: $28

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The Style PA at Home 06.29.09 at 21:08

They remind me of musical instruments, perhaps because we had some drums from South Africa when I was growing up that had a similar style.

interior designer 06.30.09 at 11:34

I’m sure they can be used as drumsticks by some mischievous child. 😉

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