Saving Space with a Black Metal Futon & Mattress Set

by interior designer

in Furnishings

If you’re looking for a space saving item of furniture that acts as both seating and as a bed, then a futon sofa is what you are looking for. During daylight hours, the futon acts as a sofa, during the night, it can convert into a bed for guests. Many can even be folded away altogether when not in use.

Futon sofas and mattresses can also be taken outside and placed on a patio or dry lawn. This is particularly the case with metal futon sofas like the one pictured below.


The word futon is an Anglicisation of the Japanese ‘shikibuton’, meaning mattress. Futons became increasingly popular in the West during the 1970s when Eastern philosophies, religions and designs came into fashion and the public consciousness.

One of my favorite types of futon is this Black Metal Futon & Mattress Set which you can buy for $209. You can read more information about it and the various specifications via the link above.

This set is the type of arrangement that will suit a wide range of interiors. It’s also possible to get the futon mattresses in different types of fabric and colors to suit your needs and preferences.

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Ruth Olbrych 06.25.09 at 20:05

All over the futon/sofa bed concept. Son has one in his studio apartment in Montreal, where he attends college.
Thanks for the background on their introduction as popular items in the West.
As a seller of Chinese Antiques I am thrilled that the allure of the East continues on with full force.
P.S. Just recently subscribed to your blog and am greatly enjoying your “finds”.

carolyn white 08.24.12 at 10:04

I am sooo disappointed. I finally found the perfect futon, and the link is not active. Please, please tell me where I can purchase this black metal futon w/mattress for $209!!!!!

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