Pebble Beach Placemat for the Dining Table

by interior designer

in Accessories

I always like to try and bring the natural world into my home. This is why I was instantly attracted to this Pebble Beach Placemat for the Dining Table. It’s been made from hand picked river rocks that have been cleaned and polished. Each stone is naturally unique and all together will provide a beautiful textured placemat for your kitchen or dining room table.


Use it to place the salad bowl on or for your desert dishes. The possibilities for its use are endless. You can also take the pebble beach placemat outside onto a patio table where the natural daylight will bring out the textures and forms even more.

You can buy this item in a set of 4 for $58 from here: Pebble Beach Placemat for the Dining Table

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ornella 07.04.10 at 01:13

I recently saw a soap dish made out of pebble rock.
It was oval and I have no idea how or what clear glue the used.
I’m sure they used a mold. Would you have any suggesting on how to make it.

interior designer 07.04.10 at 11:11

Hard to say unless I saw it. Some are molded as you say whilst others are glued on mesh. For something like a soap dish which is small, clear strong glue should suffice which you can find in your local store.

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