One Thread Fair Trade Empowering Female Indian Artisans

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One Thread Fair Trade is an organisation that works with marginalized Indian women to help them and their children rise from poverty and domestic abuse. These female artisans create stunning hand-crafted accents for the home interior. Their very ethos is to help women worldwide gain dignity and strength in the face of adversity.

Most people have heard of the term ‘fair trade‘ but what exactly is it? Fair trade is basically a system that aims to aid underprivileged producers gain access to the international market. This in-turn increases the available skills people can learn and hopefully leads to the impoverished being able to lift themselves out of poverty. The businesses and suppliers work in tandem to create a more equal and balanced playing field.

one-thread-fair-trade-india-cushionsOne Thread Fair Trade’s range of cushions (shown in the picture) have been made by Indian artisans of varying ages, the youngest just 21. Most have come through moments of terrible abuse, hardships and suffering but have regained their strength through creativity.

Rama, the 21-year-old girl has managed to provide the sole family income from the wages she earns making decorative cushions. Her parents are too sickly to work and her sisters were either murdered or so severely beaten by their husbands that they could not work again.

Mayura Kona is the driving force behind One Thread Fair Trade. She used her education and social privilege to help others less fortunate. Her aim was to work with the talented but forgotten women of her country and help install confidence and self-worth into their hearts. Her most memorable moment came when paying the women their first round of wages.

“I walked into the workroom and was met with eyes overflowing with tears and hearts brimming with hope. My life was forever changed.”

You can find much more information on their website. There you can read small biographies of the women involved and also purchase some of their wonderful creations. I urge you all to have a look here: One Thread Fair Trade.

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Erica Stone 06.05.09 at 02:40

These are absolutely beautiful pillows and the story behind them is both heart wrenching and uplifting. It had to have taken some courage for each of them to reach beyond their individual traumas to find a way to move forward. And Mayura deserves an award for putting so much into selflessly helping her fellow country-women. Very nicely written.

interior designer 06.05.09 at 10:08

Indeed. It had a particular interest for me because my fiancée is Indian. The stories of these women should be heard to further the development of female emancipation across the globe.

Erica Stone 06.11.09 at 04:47

I came back to visit the profiles of the women in the One Thread Fair Trade group and was not disappointed. It’s one thing to know that women are not as highly respected in other countries as they are in our own, but to read the details of their stories and realize just how vastly different their lives are is completely another. Amazing to see the difference this group has made to the lives of these young women.

interior designer 06.11.09 at 18:21

That’s true Erica. It puts a lot of perspective on our own lives and how lucky we are in the West. Plus how we must always protect what we have in the form of liberty and equality.

Mayura Kona 06.15.09 at 01:24

Thank you all for your very kind words and comments. It truly warms my heart to know that there is so much support and belief in the change that we are trying to make. My sincere thanks…

interior designer 06.16.09 at 23:12

You are most welcome. I was very impressed with your website and designs. Keep up the great work!

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