Durian Table Lamp with Wrought Iron and Nito Vine Surround

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If you’re looking for a table lamp that is eco-friendly, fair trade and hand made to the finest quality then you will find this Durian table lamp with wrought iron and Nito Vine surround to your liking. The lamp has been made by skilled artisans in the Philippines and is made from fibres around the seed of the native Durian fruit.


The lamp shade is held together with a wrought iron frame. Around this are wrapped the vines of the Nito fern also native to the Philippines. This is a fast growing fern which if left unchecked can suffocate trees by blocking out light and other much needed resources. However, instead of merely burning or discarding the vines, artisans in the region have put them to creative use.

This Durian table lamp with its wrought iron and Nite Vine surround is extremely strong and durable. If you need added color in an interior and a touch of exotic natural beauty, then this eco-friendly table lamp is a wonderful idea. You can also get the shade in purple and green.

It’s a table lamp that will provide an excellent focus and is sure to be a talking point amongst guests.

You can buy this Nito Vine lamp from the following location: Red Durian Table Lamp

Price: $88

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Heather Lassetter 06.25.09 at 21:47

The Durian table lamp is a very creative and ingenious idea of how to make the most of
something you have pleanty of and turn it into a profitable idea. so instead of the vines
be destroyed or burned they can be used as a useful support for a lamp to turn for
profit, that is another way to make the most of a bad thing.

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