Cool Polar Bear Bookshelf by iBride

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Ever wanted a polar bear bookshelf in your living room or home library? It’s definitely safer than having the real thing and in the case of the Joe Bookshelf by iBride is undoubtedly easier to manage as well. So what exactly is this polar bear bookshelf all about and who on earth is this iBride who make these weird and wonderful creations?


The collector’s bear bookshelf is made from a high-pressure laminate with a pre-recycled wood core. In itself, the bookshelf is made up of lattice-work shelves which have been created in the shape of a polar bear. The structure is both sturdy and functional which allows for a wide range of uses.

The polar bear bookshelf’s creators are iBride, a French family business based in the south of France. The word ‘ibride’ is a play on words and can be translated to mean ‘hybrid’. This is particularly apt in the case of this unique furniture piece. A lot of the designs by iBride are inspired by the family’s travels which take them from continent to continent.

As one can see from the picture, the polar bear bookshelf by iBride shows a wonderfully expressive animal with an inquisitive gait. There are endless interior spaces into which this contemporary bookshelf can be placed. If you know of an animal lover with a particular fondness for bears then this will be a wonderful gift idea.

It’s not just the home interior where this can be placed. School teachers might find this modern furniture piece a perfect accompaniment to a classroom or school library.

I’m sure you’ve already had a eureka moment in regards to where you’d put it. You can buy this product from the following location: Joe Bookshelf by iBride

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Erica Stone 06.21.09 at 21:40

How wickedly creative! Looks like it would take up an entire room in my house but I love the idea and the uniqueness of the piece. Some minds just don’t stay in the box, do they? And thankfully so. Nice write up!

interior designer 06.22.09 at 23:58

I agree. Without imaginative minds, the world would be an awfully dull place to be.

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