Malawi Wall Mounted Clock with Antique Grace

by interior designer

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For traditional rooms, you might be looking for some classic style accessories to place within the interior. Little things can really add character to a space and it’s important to get these details right. Wall clocks are usually one of the items we think of least when planning our decor coordinations but they can have a great influence if incorporated into the theme in a well thought out way.

This is where the Malawi Round Wall Mounted Clock caught my eye and lit my imagination.

malawi-wall-mounted-clock-in-classic-orleans-styleThe clock’s face is surrounded by a wood-like material with addition dark copper overlay. It has then been given a distressed black finish to further the look of the ageing process. The face and dials have also been aged to give the whole piece a wonderful and charming antique look. You might be able to pick out from the image the wording on the clock face:

“Orleans Clock Co.
Est 1814”

If you have an old home study or library then this could fit in perfectly. You can also place it in a modern looking room and have it as a retro item of decoration. The possibilities are endless with this classic clock.

Have a closer look here: Malawi Round Wall Mounted Clock

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