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Folk art inspired Interior Design can be one of the most rewarding and exciting decoration themes to work on. The field is so varied due to the gigantic array of cultures, decor and histories of the different social traditions across the globe. In this post I’m going to touch on just the New England style with examples from one living room interior, which also incorporates some Shaker elements.

yellow-green-wood-panel-wallThe wood panelled walls in this room have been painted with a light green. For more warmth you could consider using a color such as the Katydid yellow-green paint. The rustic feel has been achieved with the ‘tongue and groove’ effect of the wall structure.

new-england-interior-design-wall-hangingsSome charming wall hangings will enliven the wood panelling. Think about some artsy rugs or folk music inspired paintings. Traditional twig brooms would be a great addition. For a heating source, similar to the one in the picture, think about this stylish wall mounted Flame Ambient Fireplace.

new-england-style-folk-furnitureWith existing furniture you can modify chairs and tables by painting them white and adding attractive folk art designs and motifs. These can include animals, stars and decorative patterns. Think about adding these in red or green, even in cream.

folk-art-decor-furniture-candlesWicker baskets and such items like silver pots, jugs and candlesticks can add a great deal to the rustic and country feel of a New England folk interior. Little fabric decorative items will creative a homely feel which is important in a living room.

sofa-decoration-accessories-cushions-folk-artPatchwork quilts for the sofa can be purchased which will add further to the folksy charachter of the interior space. Notice in the above picture the flooring. With this New England theme you can either go for wooden floorboards, painted or natural; or alternatively a rustic carpet made from Sea Grass or Sisal natural fiber.

I hope these picture examples and suggestions will help inspire you when designing a room in a folk art theme. There are a lot more possibilities which I will cover in future posts.

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Shailee 05.02.09 at 15:49

<3 This is such a beautiful living room!! I love it!

HomeWorkshop 05.03.09 at 23:17

I’ve always been inspired by colorful folk art, and especially bold graphic quilts. I love to see them used not only in traditional settings, but also combined with contemporary pieces for life and interest.

Thanks for the post!

interior designer 05.04.09 at 08:27

That’s a great point. Complimenting a modern and contemporary interior with traditional folk art can work wonders. They would definitely add charm and character.

Mary Jane Donohoe 06.15.10 at 00:08

I have a ‘sleeper sofa’ that has a country print theme (almost like a tapestry print). The colors in the couch are: whites, blues, browns, blacks, greens, and golds. The scenes in the fabric are : log cabins, farm animals, trees, ponds with ducks, meadows /rolling hills, etc.. I am having a real difficult time knowing how to decorate around this couch–what pictures to hang on the walls, rugs, lamps, etc… The colors in the couch are fairly muted–definitely not bright colors. Would this be considered a country decorating theme or folk art or English Country? I would appreciate any suggestions/ideas from you. I tried a neutral slip cover for the couch, but didn’t like the look. This fabric is very durable!

interior designer 06.16.10 at 11:00

From what you describe, a country decorating theme would be the closest. I must admit, I’m not personally keen on sofas like these and try to avoid them but some suggestions might include some rustic accessories to go with the general room design. One might consider bringing as much nature into the home as possible to connect with the scenes in the fabric. Think of dried twigs/branches and grasses. It’s probably going to be better to keep the walls nearby relatively simple as otherwise the decor would clash with the sofa fabric and become to heavy and busy. Find some plain cushions to go with the sofa that match one of the colors of the scenes.

modern home decorating ideas 05.06.13 at 21:55

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