The Ram’s Head Coffee Table with Brass Skulls for Legs

by interior designer

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We’ve probably all had someone in our neighbourhood who collected animal skulls. That strange goth youth with the chains, tight black jeans and a long dark faux-leather coat. At the time, they gave you chills as you walked passed them in case they would wield an axe and take your head for a trophy. Years later you’d somehow recognise them on a city street, all trim and proper and working as a banker. The ‘Ram’s Head Coffee Table’ reminds me of my very own neighbourhood skull collector.

What is it?

It’s a coffee table which is composed of a glass top and below, two ram’s heads made of brass, which constitute the legs. It was made in the 1970s.

Who would like it?

The goth mentioned in the introduction would certainly like it with a few additions of his own. Other admirers of such a piece would include those who like to dabble in hunting and furniture connoisseurs with hard to please tastes. Someone who is willing to pay the $5200 asking price.

Would you let your Granny use it?

Only with a little forewarning and mention of its brass nature.

H.I.D.T. Rating: 5/10

Intriguing and different but not very tasteful.

See: Belvedere

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Tanya 10.01.10 at 19:58

this is beautiful if I had $11,000 I would buy two! but then I’m an artist–and the “taste” level of others never enters into it!!!!

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