The Learning Tower Step Stool: A Kid’s Kitchen Helper

by interior designer

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I remember as a child being kept out of the kitchen at all times. A small metal railing was placed in the doorway where I would sit on the hallway side peering in at my parents doing strange things with pots, pans and rolling pins. Naturally my parents wanted to keep me safe and away from any dangers without having to carry me everywhere but it was a lonely experience and a frustrating one.


This is why this Kid’s Learning Tower step stool is an ideal solution if you want to involve your toddlers more in the kitchen goings-on. The safety and security the tower provides allows their independent and inquisitive natures to flourish without the concerns of the usual kitchen hazards. By raising children to counter top height, it allows children to become helping participants alongside parents and siblings.

It can also be used anywhere in the home and adjusted to provide various alternative roles including a play fort, a puppet show box, a secret den and even a desk.


The Kid’s Learning Tower step stool is made from high quality layered Birch wood and is available in 9 various colors including black, cherry, royal blue, pink and natural. A sturdy base means the tower will not tip over and four-sided railings provides support when climbing in and out as well as when standing inside. It fits flush against kitchen counters allowing your child to participate in any activity you so desire from helping to decorate a cake to washing fruit and vegetables.

The Tower has received many other great reviews by previous customers. As you can see for yourself by visiting The Learning Tower product page.

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