Sea Inspired Light Sculptures by Israeli Artist Ayala Serfaty

by interior designer

in Lighting

A series of beautiful organic lighting structures were recently crafted by Israeli artist and designer Ayala Serfaty. Inspired directly by sea animals, the wonderfully eye-catching light sculptures can now be found across the world in various hotels, restaurants and art galleries. It’s not hard to see why their popularity and global reach have soared.

Ayala Serfaty who was born in Israel in 1962, created her own design studio called Aqua Creations which she founded with her partner, photographer Albi Serfaty in 1994. The studio has expanded in both reputation and presence with offices now in New York and Holland plus galleries in England, France, Italy, Brazil, Taiwan, Russia, Spain, Canada and the United States.

Whilst these light designs are aimed at the commercial sector, inspiration can still be taken from these magnificent creations. On a smaller scale and with some artistic creativity, similar fixtures and shapes would add an amazing beauty to a home interior.

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05.10.09 at 15:22


Patricia Torres 04.12.09 at 03:25

wow.. these are lovely.

Demi Molinos 05.14.09 at 12:21

They are so beautiful!

Juliet 09.01.09 at 20:24

Hi there,
I have been trying to mould fabric to a drum shaped metal frame (made from welded steel with 6 curved diagonal uprights connected by a cicular piece at the bottom and larger circle at the top ) and have spent he last week trying various methods to ‘mold’ the fabric to the frame without a result I am happy with. In theory this should be similar to the Aqua Creations lights you have shown on your site, but I just cannot get that very tight fitting, molded result.
Do you have any hints or tips?
Thanks and best

Juliet 09.01.09 at 20:26

I forgot to mention this is for a light sculpture and I am using a crushed sort of tafetta so not at all elastic.

interior designer 09.01.09 at 23:11

Hello Juliet, thank you for your comment.

I will look to make a post on this very subject in the next 24 to 48 hours. I’ll place a link to it here when done. :)

Juliet 09.02.09 at 07:38

that’s fabulous thanks – meanwhile my tailor and I will persevere!

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