Natural Lighting: Examples of Ways to Increase Daylight in the Home

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As I mentioned in a previous post, Need to Loose Weight? Think About Your Interior Decor, the more natural light you can encourage into a home interior, the better it will be for your health and mental well being. Increased daylight raises the levels of vitamin D in the human body and also counteracts the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which can lead to depression, lethargy and less productivity.

There are numerous ways to increase the amount of natural light into an interior including drawing back curtains to their fullest extent, adding more white to a room such as wall colors and decorative art, and even adding mirrors.

The images below are from the ‘Better Homes & Gardens’ book, 300 Cottage Style Decorating Ideas. I came across these pictures when browsing through the Glitter and Bliss blog which I recommend if you are interested in crystal pendant jewellery and vintage inspired gifts.

home-and-gardens-interior-sunNote the white fabrics on the sofa and seats as well as the white walls. These reflect and enhance the daylight and sunshine.

home-and-gardens-interior-dining-tableComfortable white dining chairs brighten up the eating area.

home-and-gardens-interior-white-decorWhite decorative art and candles which can enhance the light in an interior both during the daytime and at night. The reflective candle holders are a small example of the effect of mirrors in creating extra brightness.

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Brianna 04.21.09 at 04:33

I love this shabby chic look! It’s so bright and airy! The accessories are perfect… unique and minimalist.

hashim kassim Mohd 01.26.11 at 04:42

The most people around the world were poors & they need the creative themes in simple ways & and use thier local sources to develop thiers lives , so you are need to continue in yours efforts to simplefied the life need and in same time to save source . Thanks

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